Kits supplied are newer B version with dedicated light and gear shift sensor connectors

The Bafang BBS01B 36V 350 watt motor kit offers a good combination of strong torque, high efficiency with low power consumption and noise output. The mid drive motor transfers power through the bikes gears, meaning the motor can operate within its optimum RPM range which is ideal for hill climbing.

The Bafang kits can be fitted to standard bike frames through a simple installation process.

Included Parts:

8Fun Mid Drive Brushless Motor (internal controller).
LCD Display C965 + Operation Button (options also include C961, Colour DPC14, Colour DPC18) .
Thumb Throttle.
46 Tooth Chain Wheel + Plastic Chain Cover.
2 x Brake Levers.
Left And Right Crank Arms.
Speed Sensor + Magnet.
Waterproof Quick Release Cables.
Fixing Plate.
2 x M33 Nuts.
2 x M6*12 Cap Head Allen Bolts.
5 x M5*10 Cap Head Allen Bolts.
5 x Self Tapping ST 3.9 Screws.


Voltage: DC 36V
Power: 350 Watts
Current Limit: 18A
Motor Weight: 3.92KG
Controller: 6 Mosfet, Intergrated With Motor
PAS Sensor
BB Length: 68mm
Max torque: ≥80N
Max Efficience: ≥78%
Waterproof Grade: IP65

Bike should have standard bottom bracket not exceeding 73mm.

The kit is supplied with a 46 tooth single chainwheel, so if your bike has a front derailleur it will not be required.

The brake levers are cable operated, so will not be compatible with hydraulic brakes. We also stock brake sensors for use with hydraulic brakes, which are compatible with Bafang motor kits.

We add additional high quality Mobil Aviation SHC 100 Synthetic Red Lithium Grease to the secondary reduction gears before dispatching motor kits.

Kit is intended for off road use only as it exceeds the legal power limit of 200/250 watts

Motor kit comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Colin W.

My kit arrived speedily and very well packed by EclipseBikes. Fitting instructions were pretty good but by no means complete -I had no idea what the unassisted power control was until I tested the build and there was no mention of having to replace the brake levers. I hit a snag straight away because the 2 screws fitting into the motor weren't long enough even though my bottom bracket was within limits as far as I knew! So I had to source longer ones from my spares stash. From then everything fitted pretty well and all connectors were colour coded for convenience. The connectors from the motor to the battery though did not appear to be waterproof so this needed sealing with tape. The only other niggle was the screw for the speed sensor magnet which was not finished correctly preventing the insertion of an Allen key - spares stash came in useful again. Several cable ties were used to secure all the wiring (not supplied). All this took about 4 hours in total and I was happily surprised b

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