Kits supplied are newer version with dedicated light and gear shift sensor connectors

Included Parts:

Bafang BBS03 48V 1000 Watt Mid Drive Brushless Motor With Integrated 12 Mosfet 28A Controller.
LCD Display C965 + Operation Button (options also include C961, Colour DPC14, Colour DPC18) .
Thumb Throttle.
46 Tooth Chain Wheel.
2 x Brake Levers.
Left And Right 170mm Crank Arms.
Speed Sensor + Magnet.
Waterproof Quick Release Cables.
Fixing Plate.
2 x M33 Nuts.
2 x M6*12 Cap Head Allen Bolts.
5 x M5*10 Cap Head Allen Bolts.
Anderson Power Cables.


Voltage: DC 48V
Power: 1000 Watts
Current Limit: 28A
Motor Weight: 5.82KG
Controller: 12 Mosfet, Intergrated With Motor
BB Length: 68mm
Max torque: ≥160N
Max Efficience: ≥85%
Waterproof Grade: IP65

Bike should have standard bottom bracket not exceeding 73mm.

The kit is supplied with a 46 tooth single chainwheel, so if your bike has a front derailleur it will not be required.

The brake levers are cable operated, so will not be compatible with hydraulic brakes. We also stock brake sensors for use with hydraulic brakes, which are compatible with Bafang motor kits.

Kit is intended for off road use only as it exceeds the legal power limit of 200/250 watts

Motor kit comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Winston G.

Ordered this unit to give my handmade 29er Bamboo Bike a bit of a boost off-road. Ordered with BBS Hydralic gear shifting sensor and a DPC14 LCD Colour display. Also a Hailong-3 48V 12Ah Lithium Ion Frame battery. The order took about 7 days to arrive and received it just before Xmas. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised on how well and careful the unit was packaged. 10/10 for packaging. It took me a few days to complete the installation due to some extra items I needed to fix the battery to the bamboo down tube. After completing the gear shift and brake sensoring installations, I turned on the unit and it worked first time - no problem. Took it out for a 16 Mile Test Ride and snapped the drive chain. I recommend that you purchase a chain special made for E-bikes such as - Shimano E6090 E-bike SIL-TEC 10 Speed Chain. BBSHD unit has a very high torque start-up launch, so beware of the initial kick you get especially if you use the throttle not so much with Pedal Assist (PAS) My

Cameron C.

What can I say? This unit has totally exceeded expectations. The unit arrived on time and was perfectly packaged. The installation takes a bit of time and I strongly recommend having a lot of cable ties on hand to keep all the wiring tidy. Take your time and do it right. The provided installation instructions are a bit vague but there is a wealth of third party installation videos on youtube that are invaluable. As for performance … it is awesome!!! I have circulation problems in my legs that has curtailed my riding over the last couple of years to only very short rides but this system has allowed me to again start exploring the expanses of the south downs. It has honestly changed my life. I can set the PAS level at a lower level until my legs start to hurt a bit then bump it up a few levels to give me more assistance until the pain backs off then drop it down when the pain subsides. But during all this I am still covering ground … and lots of it while remaining pain free. Before I had

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