High quality single cell (1s) battery charger features aluminium body with fan cooling. Charger is suitable for use with single cell LifePO4 batteries such as Headway, PSI, Winston, calb or similar with charging voltage of 3.65V.


  • Smart charger with universal voltage input (100V-240V AC input for worldwide power support)
  • LED displays red or green subject to battery charge status. Green LED indicates power on (standby) or that the battery is fully charged. Red LED indicates charging mode.
  • The charger automatically cuts off when the battery is fully charged.

Safety Protection

Over voltage protection

Over current protection

Short circuit protection


Input: AC 100-240VAC 2A

Output: DC 3.65V 10A

Red cayman clip + positive, black cayman clip - negative.

Can charge any 3.2V LifePO4 rechargeable battery.


To prevent electric shock don't expose the charger to rain or humidity.

It is normal for the charger to get slightly hot when in use.

Keep the product out of reach of children.

Don't remove the charger cover. Doing so could result in electric shock.

If you are replacing a charger which is no longer working, or want an extra charger to use with your battery, please check the information provided on the charger casing so you can match it's specifications! If this information is missing or you are unsure, please contact your battery supplier to confirm!

Please note that the charger lead is fitted with a European 2 pin plug so UK customers will require an inexpensive EU to UK adapter plug.

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