E-bike Battery Charger - Robust Aluminium Body - Fan Cooled Battery Charger For Electric Bike/Scooter/Vehicle. Comes with set of powerpole connectors.

12V (14.4V) 4A Li Iron (LifePO4) / Li Polymer (LiMn2O4) battery charger 220 - 240VAC


  • Short-circuit protection: Charger o/p cut-off automatically when short-circuit.
  • Overload protection: Charger o/p current limited automatically when overload.
  • Reverse polarity protection: Charger o/p cut-off automatically when battery connections reversed.
  • Automatic multi-rate charging function: CC, CV, Shut-off charging.
  • Parallel operation available: parallel with battery as DC power supply operation available.
  • 2 LED display: LED 1 red (power on); LED 2 red (charging); Green (full).

If you are replacing a charger which is no longer working, or want an extra charger to use with your battery, please check the information provided on the charger casing so you can match it's specifications! If this information is missing or you are unsure, please contact your battery supplier to confirm!

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