Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Motor Kit

I ordered the motor on a Wednesday and it arrived midday Friday and was fitted to the bike on Saturday morning. So first off thank you Eclipsebikes for this excellent service. Communication was good and included a link to fitting instructions and a download of the display manual.
I have fitted a hub motor to a tandem before so have some experience with conversions. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the kit, in particular the water proof wiring connections and the replacement brake levers (containing cut off sensors) which were head and shoulders above the quality of those supplied with the hub kit from a different supplier. I was converting an old 1990's racing bicycle which I had previously changed to straight bars and twist shifters. The conversion was actually really straightforward. However like most tasks of this kind its important to have the correct, decent quality tools. Its crucial in my opinion to have the special Bafang motor spanner to fit the main nut and lock nut. I can't really see how you would manage without this so simply add it to your order. Also obviously you require suitable tools for pedal removal (I've tried this in the past without a decent tool and its not a lot of fun!), removal of the crank bearing (mine was old style ball bearings in a race but most will be cartridge bearings these days), and a crank removal tool and chain splitter. I found positioning the speed sensor slightly fiddly but no great issue.
In use once fitted I would sum it up as 'Wow'. The motor is virtually silent and gives a great natural feel riding experience. I set my system up with 5 assist levels as this is consistent with my tandem conversion. In all honesty on the flat and mild inclines level 1 is plenty. I don't live in a really hilly area but level 2 with judicious use of my 7 speed gears is enough for most hills. The 'what's the range' question we all have is pretty much impossible to answer as it depends on so many factors, not just on battery capacity. On my setup I actually used an old battery from the tandem that we had replaced as it was getting past its best. Despite that with my riding style the range is around the 40 mile mark. At some point I will replace this battery and I will most likely buy a new one from Eclipse as they have shown themselves to be a prompt supplier of good quality kit. This will extend the range to way beyond anything I will reasonably need. Based on my personal experience so far I would highly recommend this kit and this supplier.

Richard I., 05/07/2021
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