Replacement gears are suitable for use with the planetary reduction gearbox (ratio 9.33:1) which is fitted to the 200w, 250w, 360w, 500w, 650w, 960w and 1200w motors.

Over time as the motor is used the gearbox gears will become worn and require replacing. You could if preferred replace the whole gearbox though the lowest cost option would be to replace the three individual gears.

To extend the life of the gearbox make sure it is kept well greased. Pedalling when using the motor kit will also help to reduce the load on the gearbox and reduce wear on the gears.

When disassembling the gearbox to change over the three gears make sure that the gearbox is cleaned thoroughly to remove all grease as there could be small fragments of metal from the worn gears present.

 Sold in sets of 3 gears.

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