Headway LifePO4 38120S 3.2V 10AH

I previously used 18650 cells in a battery pack for low voltage hi-fi devices. Lithium batteries are a very low noise power source and cost a fraction of the price of a decent audiophile power supply. 18650’s are very cheap but need frequent recharges. So I decided to try larger capacity cells to drive my new SOTM music streamer. This device requires 6–14.5 volts which is handy as two 38120’s output around 6.6 volts. I have been running the streamer on and off for a week and the capacity meter is still reading 100%. My next project will be a four cell pack to drive an amplifier requiring 12 – 14 volts. I will definitely be buying from Eclipsebikes again. Their prices are very good and the batteries extremely well packaged. Review submitted 03/24/2020.

Adrian P., 12/10/2020
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