Nanophosphate High Power Automotive Class Lithium Ion Cell

Widely used in high power vehicles, such as passenger automotive and heavy-duty commercial vehicle and comprising of a robust, highly reliable design.

The A123 32113 cells would be ideal for building into small, light and powerful electric bike battery packs for mounting to the bike frame or carried in a back pack. If required we can assemble such packs for customers, including a reliable battery management system which will manage the charging / discharging process.

Cell Specifications

Cell Dimensions:  ø32 x 113mm
Cell Weight: 205g
Discharge Rate:  30C
Cell Capacity (Nominal): 4400mAh
Energy Content (Nominal): 14.6Wh
Peak Power @ 10 Sec: 550W
Voltage (Nominal): 3.3V
Recommended End Of Discharge Cutoff:  2.0V
Recommended Standard Change:  1.5C to 3.6V
Recommended Fast Charge:  4C to 3.5V
Specific Power (Nominal): 2700 W/kg
Specific Energy (Nominal): 71 Wh/kg
Energy Density (Nominal): 161 Wh/L
Temp Range:  -30°C to 55°C
Storage temperature range:  -40°C to 60°C

For ease of assembly the AHR 32113 Ultra-B cells have 10mm long M6 threaded studs (aluminium threaded stud to positive battery terminal and brass threaded stud to negative battery terminal).

We also supply free cell holders and 2 hole connectors which are compatible with the A123 AHR 32113 Ultra-B cells. Each cell purchased will come with one plastic holder, 2 hole connector and 2 x M6 nuts.

Warning -  You should only attempt to construct your own battery pack if you have suitable electrical knowlegde. If you have no electrical experience we would recommend you consider purchasing a complete battery pack.

*** IMPORTANT - Orders containing small quantities of LifePO4 cells and being dispatched outside of mainland UK to Europe can NOT be sent through Royal Mail International Standard service and would need to be sent by a tracked courier service. We do not send battery cells outside of the EU due to customs restrictions***

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