We are now offering a new range of high specification battery packs from EM3ev, who are a well established, innovative and highly regarded battery supplier.

The Super Shark downtube mounted battery pack consists of 52 x Samsung INR18650-25R (3.7V 2.5Ah) connected 13 series 4 parallel. The battery packs are assembled using only genuine A-grade cells, sourced from official suppliers. The battery cells and BMS are well protected by tough black ABS plastic casings.

Built into the battery casing is an on/off power button and an LED battery capacity indicator / error indicator. The battery can be locked into position on the bikes downtube and easily mounts to standard bike frames using the water bottle mountings.

The Super Shark 48V 9.8Ah battery pack is supplied with battery base, 2 x keys for locking battery onto base, high current charge plug (approx. 8A rated) and good quality fan cooled 48V 2A (54.6V output) charger.


Nominal Voltage:  48V
Battery Capacity: 9.8Ah - 459Whrs
Cells: Samsung INR18650-25R 2.5Ah
Configuration: 13S 4P
Pack dimensions (mm): 368 L x 88 W x 96 H (see outline drawing in additional images)
Weight: 3.31KG
Protection System: Built-in Smart BMS
Recommended Max Discharge Current: 39A Continuous, 55A Max Burst Current
Maximum Charge Voltage: 54.6V
Standard Charge Current: 2A (High current charge plug comes as standard - approx. 8A rated)
Recommended Motor Application: 48V 200W - 1000W motor
Estimated Battery Life: Life cycle of 500-700+ charges (1C discharge to 2.75V, 1C charge to 4.2V)
Warranty: Battery warranty 12 months, charger warranty 6 months (subject to user guidelines being followed)

Advanced Construction

EM3ev batteries are assembled using many custom parts designed and manufacture in-house, using their own CNC machines. This includes the CNC manufactured cell holders, which are specifically designed to fit the battery casings, keeping everything safe, solid and secure.

Every cell within the battery pack is fused. EM3ev have designed and manufactured custom terminations for this layout, with cell level fusing on every cell, whilst also minimising voltage drop, to make the EM3ev Super Shark one of the safest Ebike Batteries on the market.

Cell level fusing, means that in the event of an internal short circuit in the battery (which the BMS cannot protect against), then all that will happen is that some sacrificial links will safely open, preventing any of the cells or cabling from overheating and becoming dangerous. CNC spot welding ensures consistent weld quality and weld position.

Smart BMS

EM3ev battery packs use a high tech, fully programmable Smart BMS. This allows you to view various battery data, such as: cell voltage levels, temperature, instantaneous charge/discharge current, capacity (genuine SOC, measured Ah and remaining Ah), data log, error indication (on matching LED panel) and it all links to your phone with a continually updated and improved App.

The BMS balances during charging (when charging and when at >50% charge) and therefore doesn’t require a full charge in order to balance. Auto power off function (8 hour inactivity), auto power on and with a pre-charge function (no sparks, so long as the battery is powered off when linked to the controller).

A 2 wire type BMS costs more (it requires more mosfets) than an equivalent 3-wire type, but it means that the battery can be safely paralleled with another equivalent battery and also means it is fully protected against over-charge in every situation (impossible with a 3-wire type BMS that are generally used in this application).

Additional Info

We conservatively rate the Samsung 25R cells as 2.45Ah, although the manufacturers rate them slightly higher at 2.5Ah. Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time, and also, by not using the pack at high discharge rates, which will cause excessive cell heating and premature aging.

Cycle Life estimated at 500-700 cycles plus (1C discharge to 2.75V, 1C charge to 4.2V). Cycle life is extended by charging to 90%, and limiting discharge to 90%. The BMS doesn’t need a full charge to balance the pack, it will happily balance the pack with only 80 or 90% charge.

Cycle life will be reduced if the battery pack is regularly used at continuous high discharge rates (the BMS does have over-temp protection if the battery gets too hot and the battery temperature can be seen in the BMS App). Therefore, please match the battery pack to the rest of the kit to get the performance and long term usage you expect (see our suggested max discharge current below, for our recommendations).

Samsung 25R: ~39A Continuous, 55A Max Burst Current

Note: the cell manufacturers specs are higher than our recommendations above. It will not harm the battery to occasionally discharge at higher levels than our recommendations, but regular, sustained high discharge rates will degrade the battery more quickly and the battery voltage will sag at these high power levels. The Battery BMS is programmed to trip if cell temperatures reach 60degC during discharge and 45degC during charging.

We do not recommend that the battery is fitted upside down. If there is no choice to fit the battery in this manner due to frame design then it would be highly advisable to use additional straps to secure the battery. We do not condone the use of the battery in this manner.

The battery pack casings are fairly water resistant (though not 100% waterproof). If regularly riding in wet weather condition, we would advise adding a battery cover, to provide additional protection from moisture ingress.

Please note that we currently only send battery packs within mainland UK.

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