The Eclipse Lite battery pack is constructed using incredibly powerful A123 Systems AHR32113 Ultra-B 4.4Ah cells (connected 16 series 1 parallel) which are capable of continuous discharge rates of upto 30C! These cells can support high discharge rates way above other LifePO4 and Lithion-Ion cells!

The integrated battery management system protects the cells during the charging & discharging process, resulting in a reliable & well balanced battery pack.

This battery pack is ideally suited to local journeys where higher discharge rates and a light weight battery are required and range is of less importance. It makes little sense lugging around a heavy battery if only a small percentage of it's capacity will be used and less weight on the bike will make pedalling easier and improve handling.


Pack dimensions (mm): 275 L x 150 W x 90 H
Weight: 4.2KG
Recommended charge voltage: 57.6V
Battery Suitability: For use with our 1200W & 1680W Cyclone motor kits and Bafang 750W motor kits
Estimated Battery Life: Life cycle of 2000+ charges (based on recommended discharge rates)
Warranty: 1 year limitied warranty (subject to user guidelines being followed)

We can service battery packs after the warranty has expired at very reasonable rates

Battery Pack Construction

The battery cells, cell holders and BMS are well protected by tough polycarbonate casings.

In the unlikely event of a problem with the battery it can be quickly accessed by removing the polycarbonate casing.

Unlike many cheap mass market batteries we don't cover our packs in multiple layers of duct tape and cells are not spot welded together so replacing individual cells is easier.

Why choose LifeP04?

An important & often overlooked component of any electric bike is the battery. Our LifeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery packs offer high discharge rates, long life cycles and are the safest lithium battery chemistry available. Add to that their lightweight characteristics, being under 1/2 the weight of lead acid batteries, and they are a great choice. LifeP04 batteries are also non toxic to the environment.

Battery pack does NOT come with charger however we do stock 48V 4A (57.6V) aluminium body, fan cooled charger if required.

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