The 20 cell BMS measures 115mm x 75mm x 25mm and comes with balancing cables which measure 400mm in length. We also supply M3 bolts, nuts and ring terminals for attaching cables to BMS.

Why use a BMS with your battery cells?

The battery management system is designed to protect the cells which make up a battery pack and prolong the life of the battery. The BMS will monitor key operational parameters during the charging & discharging process such as voltages (upper & lower limits) and currents (maximum current limits) and will disconnect the battery from the load or charger should any of the set parameters be exceeded.

The BMS will also ensure that individual cells are balanced evenly, which is important due to the small differences between cells due to production tolerances.

We recommend that all LifePO4 cells are fully charged first with a single cell charger before assembling the battery pack & connecting the BMS.

Important - Due to the fact that we can't control how the BMS is installed this product does NOT come with a warranty. Please check the installation diagram carefully BEFORE attempting to connect the BMS to the battery pack. If you have no electrical experience we would recommend you consider purchasing a complete battery pack.


1) Voltage

Charging Voltage

Balance voltage for single cell

DC:72V 3.6V/Cell


2) Current

Balance current for single cell

Current consumption for single cell

Maximum continuous discharge current

Maximum continuous charging current





3) Over Charge Protection

Over charge detection voltage

Over charge detection delay time

Over charge release voltage




4) Over discharge protection

Over discharge detection voltage

Over discharge detection delay time

Over discharge release voltage




5) Over current protection

Over current detection voltage

Over current detection current

Detection delay time

Release condition




Cut load

6) Short protection

Detection condition

Detection delay time

Release condition

Exterior short circuit


Cut load

7) Resistance Protection circuitry


8) Temperature

Operating temperature range

Storage temperature range



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