Hailong-3 36V 17.4Ah Lithium Ion Frame Battery 29E Samsung Cells

Hailong-3 36V 17.4Ah Lithium Ion Frame Battery 29E Samsung Cells + 2A Li Ion Charger


Newest version of the popular Hailong battery pack.The downtube mounted battery pack consists of 60 x Samsung INR18650 29E (3.7V 2.9Ah) connected 10 series 6 parallel. The battery cells and BMS are well protected by tough black ABS plastic casings which are water resistant (though not 100% waterproof).



Battery Pack Features

Built into the battery casing is an on/off power button, 5V USB outlet (for charging mobile phone etc) and a simple LED battery capacity indicator. The battery can be locked into position on the bikes downtube and easily mounts to standard bike frames using the water bottle mountings.




Nominal Voltage:  36V
Norimal Capacity: 17.4Ah
Cells: Samsung INR18650 29E
Configuration: 10S6P
Pack dimensions (mm): 365 L x 88 W x 110 H
Weight: 3.93KG
Protection System: Built-in BMS
Continuous Discharge Current: 20-25A
Maximum Charge Voltage: 42V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 28V
Standard Charge Current: 2A (3A maximum)
Charge Method: CC/CV
Charge Temperature: 0°C--45°C
Discharge Temperature: -10°C--60°C
Recommended Motor Application: 36V 250W - 36V 750W Motor
Estimated Battery Life: Life cycle of 700+ charges (based on recommended discharge rates)
Warranty: Battery warranty 12 months, charger warranty 6 months (subject to user guidelines being followed)



The integrated battery management system (BMS) protects the battery from short circuit, overcharge, overcurrent, and overload, resulting in a reliable and well balanced battery pack.


The Samsung 36V 17.4Ah battery pack is supplied with battery base, 2 x keys for locking battery onto base, 36V 2A (42V) charger.



Suitable for use with Bafang motor kits we supply. Based on discharge rates of the internal BMS and Lithium Ion cells this battery pack is NOT compatible with Cyclone motor kits. Our Eclipse Commute Headway LifePO4 packs can be used with both Bafang and Cyclone kits.


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